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Peer Mentors & Mental Health First Responders

Peer Mentors & Mental Health First Responders

Sixth Form students have recently completed an in-house Mental Health First Responder training course in PSHE lessons.

This course has been designed by Mrs Lay, School Counsellor, and Miss Johnson, Head of PSHE, to enable our students to better support others experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and psychosis.

Students were also able to complete an optional scenario assessment with Mrs Lay to check their application of the course theory, and were then able to apply to be School Peer Mentors. The photo shows those students who have successfully completed all six modules of the course and the optional assessment, and who are awarded a Mastery certificate for the course. We are very proud of our first Mental Health First Responders.

Additional to the course that delivered by Miss Johnson, the students undertook an assessment comprising of three elements - A exam based on the training modules - analysing case studies of concerns a young person may present with and a practical assessment using skills such as active listening, paraphrasing and reflecting. All the students showed good understanding of mental health and empathy and compassion in how they would support and seek help for a young person in the school. Students went on to complete further training in basic safeguarding and working with young people to be our schools peer mentors for 2024. These students will offer basic support and befriending for our students from yr 7 -11, this could be support when moving to a new school, friendship worries or exam stress. These students are equipped to know when they need to contact one of the pastoral staff team to seek further support a student may need. 

A referral for a peer mentor can be made through Mrs Lay, Mr Pryor, Ms Cummings or Mrs Brookes, they will then pair up the student and mentor and make the introductions, all the peer mentors will receive regular supervision with Mrs Lay.

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