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 Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of our lives in the Twenty First Century. The Preparatory School aims to reflect this and integrates IT into learning across the curriculum. Pupils have specific lessons in ICT, but its use is much more wide ranging; skills are utilised through all subjects to enhance the learning experience. Each classroom is equipped with a data projector and there is access to interactive whiteboards. Pupils use the ICT Suite; iPads and a networked laptop trolley. Pupils enjoy using video and digital cameras, data loggers and a whole host of subject specific software. 

ICT in The Preparatory School is a dynamic area of learning. Pupils are given numerous opportunities to develop and Prep Computing enhance their skills in this ever changing area. ICT is promoted and used in all curriculum areas as well as being taught as a subject in its own right. In Science, for example, Year 6 pupils learn about programming and control technology which culminates in a  visit to The National Space Centre to program robots to carry out missions on the surface of ‘Mars’! In our infant and Reception classes, digital cameras are used by our teachers and pupils to record their learning and achievements. Year 4 use data loggers to record temperature, sound and light as part of their Maths and Science work.

Pupils in The Preparatory School are given the opportunity to enhance and develop their ICT skills in all areas of their learning. They leave Year 6 fully confident to take on future challenges, knowing they have the skills to utilise existing and future technology.

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