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Sixth Form Dress Code

We frequently ask Sixth Form students what they would feel most comfortable wearing in School and the overwhelming answer is that they find the uniform to be smart and convenient in that it takes away the stress of finding their own suitable clothes to wear.  Sixth Formers are young adults and are confident making sensible decisions about how they look when representing the School. Our policies are therefore less strict than for younger pupils but we know that students generally prefer to work within guidelines which are set out below:

These guidelines are based on how professionals would be expected to dress. In other words, students should be smart and well presented.

  • Any items of jewellery must be simple, discreet and in keeping with the School uniform. Earrings are permitted for girls, but any other body piercings should be removed. No badges are permissible other than those recognised by the School.
  • Hair accessories should be navy or match the colour of hair.
  • Hair should be smart, well-groomed and off the face. It need not be tied back, except for safety considerations in Science and Physical Education. Any enhancements to hair colour should be discreet and natural looking. Obvious and unnatural hair colours, dramatic differences in hair colour such as blonde highlights in dark hair, and extreme hairstyles are not acceptable.
  • Facial hair, including stubble, should not be worn.
  • When make-up is worn it should not be obvious e.g. natural foundation/tinted moisturiser, discreet eyelash tint and natural cheek colour.
  • When nail varnish is worn it should be clear or discreet (i.e. light pink or flesh tone). Extended false nails should not be worn.

Sixth Formers in uniform

  • ISC
  • nace
  • woodard
  • heads
  • plp
  • Careers